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Global warfare
2008/2009? - 2019
Keep "The Hobbit: Armies of the Third Age" servers alive!


It can take several days to update a map because each player needs a separate web request. In other games a single web request can grab many players.
  • There're many low valor players whom are idle. Low valor players are only updated every 5 updates.
  • No wildernesses are updated, it would take too long to click every tile on the map.
The new Elves vs. Dwarves game appear to have the same maps as the Hobbit game. Mapping will continue as normal.

The Campaign numbers are only taken from the top 2000 players. They only let you view 11 players per page. To get the number for all the players would take a very long time.

Thirst of Night

Global warfare
The old maps have been archived, you can download them from here: Archived maps

These are the maps for the Kingdoms of Camelot game on facebook. For the iOS game click on "Battle of the North" on the left side.

The SEA games are not updating any more since they made the last game update, I am no longer able to run it on the iPod. And they're not available for Android.

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In the alliances in the game there're players that are not in the map. So they won't be listed here. If a player from your alliance is missing on this site, you can transport to them and see how long it takes, If it takes 06:45, they're off the map. Usually transports will take less than 02:00

They have restricted the map updates, they're happening slowly now. They'll be updated every 2 days if someone has been searching on the map.

Rarely, some of the tiles on the map are missing. I've gotten this down to less than 0.1% of the tiles.

The map coords are have different negative/positive numbers to show their locations...

NW is -1,-1
NE is -1,1
SE is 1,1
SW is 1,-1
Contact us if you're still playing on the older merged realms and want the map updated.

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24/Mar/2015: Sorry, the game's data has been encrypted. Updates have stopped.

This website is not provided by gnetop and is unrelated to them.

Note: Some data is missing

The power, honor, kill, lost numbers are only available if the player's commander is above level 5(usually only idle players are at this level).

The explore score, military score numbers are only available if the player is in the rank pages.

Therefore, alliance totals will be different than the ones in the game because we don't count some players.

The mapping takes hours, a small amount of players who moved during the mapping may appear to have two planets or one planet far off at the bottom.

Unfortunately, some servers are full and I cannot map them. When new players try to join these servers they're redirected to another server. You can check if you're on a full server by comparing the top players/alliances lists when you join as a new player vs your normal account.

2016-06: The French/German games are on the old version of the game and won't have the extra mining, prosperity, etc. details.

Godfather : Five families

Arcane Empires


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